Surviving Teenage Anger Issues
Surviving Teenage Anger Issues

Signs That a Teenager Has Anger Issues

If you are the parent of a teenager who has anger issues, then it is important to understand the signs of a problem. The signs indicating that someone has anger management issues include:

  • Getting angry about minor issues
  • Screaming at someone
  • Acting out physically
  • Injuring a family pet
  • Using illegal drugs
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Unable to control emotions
  • People avoiding the individual

A teenager with anger issues may get into trouble at school, leading to expulsion. Alternatively, your child might cause a problem in the neighborhood by joining a gang and committing a crime. When your child can’t control his anger, you must seek professional assistance from therapists.

Choose Residential Anger Management Treatment

When your child can’t overcome his anger issues by having therapeutic sessions with professionals while they live at home, it is essential for him to enter a residential treatment facility. At a residential facility such as Diamond Ranch Academy located in Hurricane, Utah, your child has 24-hour supervision and support. At this residential facility, students work closely to help each other overcome their volatile anger issues.

Diamond Ranch Academy Offers a Peer Support System

The residents living in the boarding facility at Diamond Ranch Academy use a peer participant system to sanction students who misbehave. Students can receive a citation or fine for breaking the rules or displaying inappropriate emotions. Diamond Ranch Academy accepts male and female students between the ages of 12 and 18. Students live in buildings according to their age and gender but will participate in numerous activities together on this large property.

Residents at Diamond Ranch Academy Receive Long-term Treatment

The residents at Diamond Ranch Academy live on the property for eight months to one year, and in addition to learning traditional educational subjects, they are responsible for caring for an assortment of farm animals. Students are able to participate in sporting and scholastic activities, but the primary focus is overcoming problems such as anger issues.

Ways That a Teenager Can Control Anger

Therapists recommend residential treatment for a teenager who has anger issues because it places the individual in a new environment. The residents in a residential facility are strangers who can begin to develop relationships without preconceived ideas. A therapist will meet with the residents at Diamond Ranch Academy to discuss their problems with anger, and also, to provide solutions for the problem. A teenager with anger issues can learn these coping mechanisms:

  • Focusing on her own feelings
  • Learning how to become calmer
  • Choosing a timeout rather than fighting
  • Writing angry feelings in a journal
  • Using art to express anger
  • Exercising to reduce angry feelings
  • Learning how to improve self-esteem
  • Watching for warning signs that indicate anger
  • Listening to music to eliminate anger
  • Deep breathing methods
  • Meditation methods
  • Thinking before speaking
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Using humor when they are angry

In addition to having one-on-one sessions with a therapist, the residents of Diamond Ranch Academy will have group therapy sessions so that the residents can learn anger control methods from each other.

Helping Entire Families With Their Anger Issues

If your son or daughter has an anger issue, then seeking effective treatment now can prevent additional problems. Having a teenage child who is out of control with anger issues can make his life difficult, but it also affects the entire family. At Diamond Ranch Academy, we believe that it is important to help a family work together to resolve a troubled teenager’s problems with anger.