Diamond Ranch Academy Sports

The Diamond Ranch Academy Sports programs are an integral part of what DRA has to offer, and unique to any boarding school of its kind in the area. Since the Utah High School Activities Association sanctioned the DRA athletic programs in 2011, students have not only competed with other teams in the surrounding areas, but they won the 2016 basketball state champions!

The DRA staff of coaches are skilled at teaching the students how best to play as a team even if they have never done it before. They integrate what they teach the students on the playing field into the same ideals that are discussed in the classroom about respect, sportsmanship, and being competitive in the right ways.

The athletic programs that are offered at DRA also give many of the students an opportunity to earn a college scholarship in athletics.

Diamond Ranch Academy Athletic Programs

Programs for Boys

The programs for boys at DRA are integral to their physical as well as mental well-being. While they are participating, they are also learning self-control and how to channel their frustrations into something that is productive. There are several athletic programs available for boys:


The DRA basketball athletic program has come into its own in the past two years and developed a winning reputation statewide with its 1A state championship victory in 2016. The team is known for its stellar teamwork and discipline on the court. With the guidance of the coaching staff, they have finished in the top five in their region every year and have never missed post-season play. The team also has a positive influence on its fans, most, y students and parents of DRA, who are recognized as the “Loudest Gym in Utah!”


The DRA boys’ baseball athletic program is played in Venom Park right at the Academy. The stadium boasts an infield and outfield made of turf, a turfed pitcher’s mound, and batting cages.


The DRA golf program hits the links from the Sand Hollow Golf Course, which is less than two miles from the DRA campus. The magnificent golf course that the student golfers have access for practice as well as competition is #47 in the country and #1 in Utah. Their coaches are PGA trained professionals.


The soccer team at DRA sports a unique turf field that has been written about in USA Today, Yahoo! Sports, and even in ESPN Magazine to date. The on-field logo is said to be the largest in the world. The soccer coaches focus on coordination skills as well as quickness for this sport coupled with boosting confidence through the development of strength and endurance.

Sports for Girls

Just as the boys athletic program connects the element s of sportsmanship and respect for self and others in its program, so do the athletic programs for girls. It also promotes a more health body image. This boosts self-esteem and overall confidence. There are a variety of programs for girls to choose from:


The Lady ‘Back Soccer Team, as they are referred to, share the same football field as the boys. They can play at all levels of soccer.


The cheerleading program is coupled with an opportunity for all DRA girls to participate on dance teams. This program gives many girls their first opportunity to be on a cheerleading squad and experience a team-oriented sport. The coaches train the girls to work together in very specific skills that involve trusting your partner.


The Lady Diamondbacks play volleyball in what is known as The Snake Pit, or the “Loudest Gym in Utah” for the boys’ basketball games. Recently, the volleyball team made it all the way to the state tournament during its first season where they reached the third round of play.


The girls’ golf program also has its time for practice and competitive play at Sand Hollow Resort and Golf Course. The girls can play at the most basic level all the way to advanced play. Along the way, they are taught specific techniques to utilize in competitive golf by PGA-trained professionals utilized by the boys’ golf team.

Track Club

The track program gives the girls an opportunity to develop mental discipline as well as endurance The coaches train the athletes how to consistently push their own personal physical and mental boundaries.


The girls have an opportunity to let off steam with exercise and get in better shape at the same time. Zumba is a workout that is centered on dance movements, so it is not as mundane as a traditional workout class routine.

City League/Intramural Sports

With so many different ages and types of students, the City League program aims to involve all students, no matter what their level of skill. It allows students to choose both an individual sport or a team sport, or even both, to participate in.

No matter what they choose, each sport is set up to be a source of positive activities in each student’s life to help them to improve their mental outlook on life and about themselves.

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