Alternatives to Military School
Alternatives to Military School

How Does a Military School Work?

Military schools, on the whole, have the same goals and mission in mind for their enrollees based on the following criteria:

  • They must learn to control their individual emotions and practice self-control
  • Discipline is considered to be the core of all success including academic, physical fitness, managing time in order to fulfill set goals
  • Moral and ethics training is a foundation of every program with an emphasis on team leadership and personal integrity
  • Establishing the importance of teamwork and working toward a common goal
  • Service to others is put above serving your own needs
  • Good citizenship is taught as a core value of being a part of any community

With this group of criteria in mind, military schools go through a rigorous process of selection for any potential candidates to be enrolled in their school. Each school usually has its own unique list of admission requirements and standards. Some military schools even specialize in helping troubled youth while others have criteria that look for youth that have some established success with meeting their criteria already.

Challenging Training-Academic and Military

Both areas of training usually go hand-in-hand at a military school as opposed to a boarding school because the foundation for both academic and military programs is the rigorous and consistent practice of discipline to achieve success in both areas. Like any other youth, military enrollees have a goal of one day attending a college or university to continue their academic careers. A military school sees the key to this success in making sure that every youth that attends their school understands that practicing discipline at its highest level is the key to that success.
Some youth have as a specific goal to continue their career into a branch of military service, which most military academies will encourage and suggest to many of its enrollees who have displayed only the greatest potential and capacity for leadership.

How Can Diamond Ranch Academy (DRA) be a Viable Military School Alternative for your Youth?

DRA as a boarding school can do the following to help your teen through the unique and engaging programs that are offered:

Experiential Living
As a military school alternative with the same core values in mind, DRA has also designed a program based on recreating the experience of living on a daily basis as an adult in today’s society. So, it gives your teen the ability to practice actual life skills, make mistakes, learn from them, and not do so in an unsafe or dangerous environment, so that all they receive from the experience is positive and constructive feedback that they can utilize when the time comes in their life to use it.

DRA Economy
Military academy environments don’t offer the best means by which teens can develop their individualistic selves in order to get to know who they really are as a human being and why they make the choices that they do and the consequences surrounding those choices. So, they don’t have a full grasp of how they are fully responsible for their own actions every day.

The DRA economy that is created through the on-site programs helps teens to truly understand what it means to live independently because they will learn

  • How to manage money on their own
  • How to budget to achieve supplemental income for savings
  • How work ethic leads to building success in all aspects of your life
  • How developing problem-solving skills leads to more positive life outcomes

The DRA economy in which they practice these strategies, allows them to earn credits that are symbolically equal to earning a wage or achieving a degree in the real world, so they will have some idea of how it actually feels to achieve these goals in real life and make the right choices that will get them there.

Individualized Academic Instruction

Through certified teaching instruction, DRA prepares students for traditional tests such as SAT preparation and the learning techniques that go along with completing this successfully. Additionally, each student is assessed on their own specific needs for instruction and taught the strategies that they personally need to utilize along with the tools they should use to do this in order to be better prepared to move on to higher education at a college or university. To date, Diamond Ranch Academy teens have achieved acceptance all over the country at more than 100 colleges and universities which have offered scholarships to many of them for academic excellence.

The Diamond Ranch Academy mission is to empower teens to use the life skills and strategies taught at the Academy to achieve the success that they desire.

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